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  • The open, real discussion about money and my relationship with it is what I liked most. Being in this clinic gave me 4 strategies to implement this week. I know this program will take my ideas and what I know to do into the habits and actions to make the difference!

    -  D. Young, Gretna, LA  -
  • I liked the fact that I can manage my money and not be fearful about it. She makes it seem fun and simple.

    -  C. Kemp, New Orleans, LA  -
  • I liked the honesty; not feeling judged.

    -  M. Batiste, Luling, LA  -
  • I liked the optimism in her approach to handling money and the accountability.

    -  Erin F., Metairie, LA  -
  • I liked that we touched on some real subjects, more like a friend to help with money. It felt more like a Money Doctor friend than just a new client.

    -  K. Russell, New Orleans, LA  -

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