Bootstrapping - Personal Finance series

Forget the loans... 

Ever considered that it might actually be a good thing that you can't get a loan? The rates are high, the competition for eyeballs is fierce and so much in the beginning is trial and error. Why make it riskier by taking on debt you have to pay back - just in case? This Masterclass shows you how to start building up reserves - without the crippling debt attached to your dream.
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What you'll learn...

Build up reserves like never before
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Get Started TODAY With Your Next Paycheck 

No need to go do this or that. We get you started fast and easy.

Learn New Ways To Save Without Feeling It

Start creating serious reserves without keypunching budgets

Start Using The Tax Code To Your Advantage

Side hustles have the same tax advantages as full time ones.

Got Kids? Make it a Family Affair

We love family business here! Hiring kids can save you taxes too!
Meet the instructor

Mildred Dillon CPA

I'm excited to be sharing my proven system for saving money and FAST.  Whether you're just starting out or having to rebuild like I did after 2008 recession, this is the system for you.

It's why I make the webinar and all of the strategies 100% FREE.  We'd love to support you! 💚
Patrick Jones - Course author
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