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Meet the "A" in the "ABC" Accounting System Setup Course - And it's totally free!

Need a system to see where the money is going or to get reports for taxes or your lender? There are "apps" for that! And one that we teach here is FOREVER FREE. We'll help you get a system in place in no time!
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 Automate reporting  so you don't have to spend time keypunching spreadsheets. 

Save on taxes by never missing another tax deduction you're entitle to.

No risk to take a "test-drive." Choose from one of two apps you can try 100% FREE

Connect to us on the back-end, so we can handle the  "advanced" CPA stuff for you. 

Mildred Dillon CPA
What's next after the FREE? 

30 More Minutes to Get Reports! 

Is it easy  to attract the customers, but a struggle with managing your business finances? Don't waste time on spreadsheets and piles of receipts. Let me teach you how to use an app on your phone that connects you to a CPA (me lol) so you can access clear reports, and file your taxes on time.

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Get started with a system today so you can
Ditch the spreadsheets forever!

Thank you Money Dr. this course was a definite eye opener. I purchased QuickBooks Online opened it and had no idea what to do next. I have definitely learned how to create accounts and learned something I did not know....I can track personal and business transactions...oh joy joy... 
You are definitely a great teacher with a pleasant voice and you made the course enjoyable!

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