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Recession-proof your household - and your business with new strategies to increase, hold onto and effectively grow your money.
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See Your Money In A Whole New Way...

Many people jump right into starting businesses, investing and getting credit, but only pay attention to their money at TAX TIME.
The problem with that approach is that when the economic storms come (like NOW), and you need your money to fall back on (savings), it may not be there. 

 I was a "credit junkie" and that's exactly what happened to me in 2008 during the recession.  After 10 years in business, I ended up flat broke starting over. BUT after much struggle, I stumbled upon my own system to save up $20K in 18 months rebuilding my life and business. You can learn it now. (It's not what you think!)
Meet the instructor

Mildred Dillon CPA

I'm excited to be sharing this content during times like these when it's starting to look like 2008 all over again. But YOU can be prepared, and weather the economic storms ahead. 
It's why I make the webinar and all of the strategies 100% FREE.

If you want a deeper dive.  some hands-on with the worksheets and 1 -on-1  and group support, just sign up for the course.  We'd love to support you! 💚
Patrick Jones - Course author

Let's TALK MONEY!!! 
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