Modern Entrepreneurs multi-task, work on-the-go and demand speed. 

We combine accounting, taxes and technology to help you automate and work smarter, faster.

 "Though some 80% of small business owners fear a potential recession, 44% have not taken steps to get ready for one."
But tech can only do so much......
A good accounting system helps you get clear on your numbers, so you can plan ahead with confidence. 
Whether it's coaching programs or courses, we give you the reports you need to do both.

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Some people work best on their own schedule and pace.
Access the course content you need 24/7 when it's convenient for you.
This way you can stay focused on running your business, not running to class!

Get Down to Business or Start with The Personal.


Learn Your  Way

When do you learn best? It may not be during the day in seminars or classes.  "On-demand" courses let you focus on building your business NOW so you can learn better LATER.

Practical Approach

Your time is limited, so when you take time to learn a new skill, we don't take you through every feature that exists. We teach what you need to to get work done TODAY. 

Task Oriented

We know you have a lot on your plate, so the lessons are short, and exercises specific so you can get started immediately accomplishing the task at hand.

Expert Support

DIY saves you money, but have you ever felt lost and confused, spinning your wheels? Not anymore. Now when you need help it's just a few keystrokes away.

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kind words by clients

Our clients love our

 I am so glad to be working with you.  I didn't have a clue about some of the functions I could use in Quickbooks before I started working with you and my husband's a CPA! 
You explain things in ways that I can understand and remember.
Mindy W.
Thank you Money Dr. this course was a definite eye opener. I purchased QuickBooks Online opened it and had no idea what to do next. I have definitely learned how to create accounts and learned something I did not know....I can track personal and business transactions...oh joy joy... 
You are definitely a great teacher with a pleasant voice and you made the course enjoyable!
Charlotte H.
Thanks for all your tech preparations prior to this outbreak.  It kept my business together. I'm truly grateful.
Courtney B.

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